Zebra Medicine:: Individuality | within | Community

Zebra Medicine:: Individuality | within | Community

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Question everything you think you know.  Awaken your imagination.  Look beyond the surface.  Expand your consciousness.

A zebra's stripes serve as camouflage to protect them against predators as well as blend in with the herd, when needed.  Less well known, they are arranged in extraordinarily unique configurations- akin to human fingerprints in this regard- no two patterns are the same.

A shamanic symbol of clarity and magic, this totem enables us to find balance ☯️ and the power needed to invoke the :: Mystery of the Unseen :: and therefore :: shift reality :: on various dimensions.

This original (2016) acrylic on canvas (36x36x1.5") has been finished with archival varnish to protect your investment for a lifetime and beyond.  It invites the viewer to examine his/her/their own specific gifts and unique soul essence in the context of the needs of the village/community.  Can we dream of vast and innumerable possibilities that embrace paradox and therefore evolve humanity :: beyond :: the tension and polarity between light and dark, good and evil... black and white?

The work has been treated with archival varnish and arrives to your door in a tube and ready to be stretched onto wood and/or framed.

Professional stretching and mounting is available for an additional surcharge. Shipping and Insurance costs will also increase accordingly with this option. Please include a note with your order that this is your preference.

Thank you for supporting the work!

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