Soul Graffiti :: Dancing with Polarity

Soul Graffiti :: Dancing with Polarity


This particular work (2016) was inspired by the sociopolitical revolution and creative tension/awakening that we are witnessing and experiencing collectively as a global community at this unprecedented moment in planetary history. As an artist, I have been experiencing this death-rebirth cycle on a visceral level and wanted to immortalize this era in human evolution.

Note that this painting (on 36x36x0.875-inch stretched canvas) has been finished with archival varnish to protect your investment from sunlight and related damage for many years to come. The original work is presented on stretched canvas and arrives to your door wired and exhibition-ready.

I wrote a prosaic poem to accompany this piece-- to give the viewer further insight into the beautiful complexity and creative birthing that is possible when one *allows* polarity to co-exist internally (and externally). Upon purchase (of the original work only), I will transcribe the poem by hand on the inside of the canvas (i.e., hidden from view) and seal with a (permanent) fixative so that you will never feel too far from inspiration and hope.

Soul Graffiti :: Dancing with Polarity

I am seeking the fertile, slippery ground--
that resides somewhere between
the edge of passive receptivity
and the fire of intimidating.

My longing propels me--
perpetually and passionately.
to seek those desires unspoken,

Desires relegated to sweaty epiphanies--
the kind that are only possible when your path
collides with fellow edgewalkers
and soul mates.

The kind of Desire
that leaves you both thrashing about,
without regard for the risks or peril undertow--
clumsily yet fiercely determined
to experience firsthand
what it is to be human.

Untended desires sought and found--
in the dark harrowing womb of seedy nightclubs
and the dreamy, otherworldly dimensions
that exist down endless rabbit holes,
if you know just where to look.

Desires lost
and embodiment shakily sought--
in the laps and soft bodies of strangers,
many known more deeply and intimately
than close friends.


In the soft, fertile ground
between worlds.

In that tension between--
shadow and light.
stillness and movement.
vulnerability and strength.
black and white.
prickly intensity and soft sweetness.
literal and mystery.
masculine and feminine.
heaven and earth.

I have but one question--
where is that elusive ground that *you* seek?

© emboldened expressions

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