Endangered Domestication

Endangered Domestication


Domestication is at its root destructive in that it manipulates biodiversity in an anthropocentric fashion, largely ignoring the interdependence of all species in favor of human supremacy.

Domestication glorifies overconsumption and, in its current form, requires planetary exploitation and slave labor to maintain itself. It is more an addiction to comfort than a sustainable way to inhabit the earth.

Most people rebel against domestication in secret — pursuing one escape route after the next — as they are unwilling to consciously relinquish the “ease” that industrialized civilization and the illusion of security provide. And yet —

Freedom and evolution paradoxically demand sacrifice.

As human migratory patterns shift … due to climate change, natural disasters and the escalation of war as a global response to an inevitable post-capitalist society … domestication as default will continue to morph.

But will it ultimately become extinct or simply change in form ?


This original (40 x 40 x 2 inch) mixed media on canvas has been professionally stretched and mounted on a beautiful wooden frame then finished with archival varnish. It arrives to your door wired and exhibition-ready.

International shipping and insurance at cost .

Note :: this work may be broken down and shipped in a tube to save on shipping fees. Should you prefer this option, please send us a message for further information.

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