Breathe .

Breathe .


This mixed media original was inspired by a period in my life where I needed to dramatically simplify. Everything was feeling overly complex and I was suffocating on years of ingested conceptual knowledge, unmetabolized emotion, superfluous material goods and stale/undernourishing relationships that I had too readily accepted. I was craving time, space, and simplicity. There is a bit of wisdom (author unknown) that urges one to let everything go and that which is true or most essential will remain-- or return. I wanted to capture the movement and freedom possible when one has the courage to truly let go.

My intention with this piece is to evoke for the viewer the power of surrender, the elegance of spaciousness, and the beauty of minimalism.

In an increasingly complex world, this work is an invitation to return to a time where breath, connection, and simplicity are of utmost priority.

The work (36x36 inch) has been treated with archival varnish to protect your investment from sunlight and related damage for many years to come. It arrives to your door in a tube and ready to be stretched onto wood and/or framed.

Thank you for supporting my work! Professional stretching/mounting is available for an additional surcharge. Shipping & insurance costs will increase accordingly with this option. Please contact to make arrangements if this is your preference.

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