And then She 🖤 led me to Sydney …

My muse drags me all over the damn place 😉

This time, I was mesmerized by the art, culture, food, beaches, iconic ocean pools and overall vibe that Sydney, Australia has to offer —

I am so grateful to be bursting with inspiration and can’t wait to get back to my studio in a few days!!

My first stop was Coogee beach. It had been a looooong and cold winter spent in Melbourne and New Zealand this past year — while all My People back in the States were posted up at the poolside BBQ this “summer” on social media — we in the Southern Hemisphere were freezing AF. At least I was 😜 Living in the San Francisco Bay Area for 12 years will turn you “soft” (LOL) At any rate, I was here for the 27C/80F temps that greeted me upon arrival to Sydney. And soak it all in, I DID . . .

After that, I hit up the not-to-be-missed “iconic ocean pools” I had heard so much about — several offering outdoor yoga, cappuccino, massage — even a sauna! My inner hedonist was sated 🔥🔥

Why stop there though? HAD to hit Newtown next . . . and boy, was I smitten !!! A few weeks is needed to truly experience this vibrant community but I managed (in a single day) to sneak in a movie at the local indie theatre, hit a delicious Egyptian restaurant, a few vintage and op shops, danced in the dark for an hour with a new friend before we ended the evening at a NOLA-inspired hidden juke joint masquerading as a local butcher shop with serious throwback vibes. My kinda ‘hood!!

From there, I journeyed onwards to Paddington to check out a very special Fish Butchery before stopping off at a Rock ‘n’ Roll photography gallery — all the while on-the-hunt for that Bowie mural that Sofia Fitzpatrick painted on their wall a couple of years back ...

While exploring Oxford Street, I stumbled on a restaurant that caught my eye and instinctively booked a table for the following day. My friends, when I tell you this was one of the best meals I've had in years — believe me .

I ended my trip with the Art Gallery of NSW and Museum of Contemporary Art and was absolutely blown away by the collections in both spaces. I especially appreciated the rare emphasis on women and indigenous artists. Below I share a few of my favorite works with you and hope that you enjoy the raw beauty as much as I did . . .

Until next time, Sydney 😘😘😘


The Arrivals (2016) .

“ In our time, political circumstance and misrepresentation has painted these displaced souls as being beyond humanity. Even though they are merely attempting to escape the catastrophe of war, they are portrayed as demons (that is as beings other than human) who threaten the social order. In doing this, our society represses the forlorn hope of human beings who have endured the very limits of survival, ignoring that they seek little more than peace.

What is at stake in how we treat them is not just their humanity, but ours … “

— Khadim Ali (Pakistani/Australian artist, b. 1978)