Wearable art 🙀 -- say WHAT ?!!


What was that — did you just mutter in a tone that you thought was imperceptible to the human ear that you need more beauty and zeal in your day-to-day?!

Well I heard THAT .

Let us over here at emboldenedexpressions™ help you out —

What if you could roll up on that plane or date or into work or even your next yoga class dressed to kill in fresh and unique artwork by yours truly in the form of cozy, wrinkle free, pajama-like 🤯 fabrics?!

Yaaaassss kings, queens and nonbinary legends ::: my eco conscious fashion line has officially droooopppppped 💣🎶💥

Do not adjust your 3D glasses 🕶️ this is a legit lucid dream 💫🎩✨



Oh yes!!

The well compensated, humane and sustainability-minded team at Le Galeriste and myself have joined forces to make this world more beautiful — quite literally!

See something above that you like?! Anything you’d loooooove to see that isn’t pictured above? Well there’s more where that came from . . .

© All original artwork by MOI ;

Design/production by Montreal-based apparel company Le Galeriste ;

Photography by Hai Truong 🏆🏆🏆

Drop us a line here for a complete list of available inventory with specs/price list —

Once we re-awaken our aesthetic sense and are not anesthetized as we are [by all the distractions] we would be able to see and appreciate
the beauty in the world .

The moment there is beauty, you fall in love .

Our job on the earth is … to fall in love with it .
— James Hillman