On the road again . . .


When I moved to Australia for the first time in 1999 — I never did make it down to New Zealand. I was always curious and had a Māori friend whom I met at the nightclub where we both worked at the time and he spoke highly of it — so this is a country that I didn’t want to miss this time around 🌀🌀🌀 Plus:: Fat Freddy’s Drop is my shit so here I am !!!

I can apparently never make it too long anywhere without seeking out a rugged coastline where the mountains and the ocean merge and this trip was no exception . So as I sit here watching the rain pour down (ie. a huge blessing for the land these past few days but SO MUCH FOR MY PLAN 😜 to cycle the West Coast Wilderness Trail ) and digesting the journey so far, I thought I’d share a few moments I managed to capture .

While I can’t offer you my favorite part — the starry sky each night and how the Milky Way looks here 😳 you will be transported nonetheless!

There is a deeply rooted yet spacious energy here that is palpable. It’s so easy to breathe. Everything feels animated. It’s been such an intense year of transition and growth — for every last one of us, I know — I am feeling ready to get back to the studio and channel all of this beautiful inspiration I’ve been gifted here into some new work ( stay tuned ) and incredibly grateful to be nourished before my next show

Wherever you are . . .

Whatever you are challenged by—chasing—running from—fighting for—

Don’t you forget to look to the majesty of this world .

It is surrounding and inside of you always

Whether you ever remember to exalt it or not —

This life is a fleeting gift .