SoulFire™ 1::1 Consultation

SoulFire™ 1::1 Consultation


I am an intuitive with a phD— a visionary— and a fierce advocate. Work with me one-on-one to manifest your wildest dreams and/or catalyze your creative life!

These sessions are best suited for those who have achieved a state of relative internal stability and are bored/tired of “playing it safe”/repeating the same patterns/wishing to upLevel/step into their power/shift from mere survival to THRIVING…

Artists. Healers. Wanderers. Seekers. Weary Souls—

SoulFire™ virtual consult meetings (1 hour via Zoom) are not a substitute for mental health care, trauma resolution, an addiction recovery program or psychotherapy.

If you are currently in crisis, please seek the assistance of a licensed psychologist or go to your nearest emergency room. Refunds will be offered and an appropriate referral made if I deem that you are in spiritual emergency and/or in need of psychological treatment or in-person care.

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