Intuitive 1::1 Enneagram Readings

Intuitive 1::1 Enneagram Readings


The Enneagram is an ancient, complex and elegant esoteric system and map of the psyche. Its potency has been largely diluted in the Western World and mainstream society is now replete with ego-based “personality assessments” in the corporate sector and internet quizzes that promise to unlock the “secrets of your soul” in 10 minutes. #LMAO

The inherent wisdom, beauty and utility of the enneagram is lost in an endless sea of “microwave culture . . . ”

I have been geeking out (and I don’t mean “just reading about it!”) on non-ordinary consciousness for nearly 25 years.

First, as a drug addict .

Then as a transpersonal psychologist .

Finally— as a shamanic artist .



I am a fierce, loving advocate and a phD-level visionary armed with lifetimes of experience. I would love nothing more than to guide you back to your deepest essence and together— activate your most fulfilling life !!!


This intuitive reading is 1.5 hours long, focused on empowering you and may be scheduled at your convenience. No refunds are offered for any reason once you purchase; however, I do offer a 48-hour grace period once your appointment has been booked which allows you to reschedule your session one time with no penalty.

Available ///worldwide/// as all sessions are digital and take place via a Zoom video call.

If it would make this offering more accessible for you— you may pay in two installments. Please contact me for this option and I will send out instructions.



You may purchase an intuitive reading package (3x hour-long sessions) at a discounted rate. These “Clarity Bundles” are recommended over just one session as here we have time to really dive into your deepest essence in a focused and thorough way— mapping out both where you are now and where you are going on the road to self-actualization …

The package includes (1) an intuitive session where you get to ask a specific question that you would like clarity around in your life, (2) a strengths-based Enneagram Reading and (3) a shadow/dreamwork session where we work together to uncover blind spots and review areas to target for future spiritual growth. At the conclusion of your last session, I will guide a closing ritual to catalyze your abundance.

Please contact me if you are interested in applying for this exciting and highly personalized option and I will get back to you promptly!

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